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Sami my 10 year old golden retriever has an allergy to most dog foods. When Sami was 1 year old she started bring out with red itchy spots on her tail, and various parts of her body. Our vet said that she has an allergy to certain ingredients in most dog foods. She was put on Royal Canin RX food for skin support. Soon after, there were recalls on this dog food because of ingredients it contained from China. Sami did get rather sick from it and the vet ran several tests to make sure she was okay. She soon got better after she stopped eating the food. Royal Canin did pay for all the test the doctor did on Sami. That was a scare for me and with Sami having allergies to certain dog foods and then getting sick from Prescription Royal Canin I was nervous. I researched foods and never found one that I though was good enough for her. I read several books and started her on a human diet of poultry, beef, rice, vegetables, fruits and supplements. Since then she has not had any problems with her skin and been in excellent health.

Fast forward to the year 2015 we got a Dalmatian puppy and I started researching dog foods again to try and find one I would trust for our new puppy Cooper.  I was very lucky to find the Flint River Ranch Company. After talking with the company and researching I decided this would be the food for Cooper.


No recalls

All ingredients were made in the USA with Human grade ingredients

Baked, no preservatives, no chemicals

You can get more details at:   www.frrco.com/123645

Flint River Ranch is dedicated to the holistic wellbeing of pets. 

I am happy to say that even Sami loves the Lamb & Rice and enjoys it along with her homemade meals. I have since switched both cats to Flint River Ranch and their fur has never looked better. Cassie no longer has dry skin flakes on her fur and she no longer has throw issues. Cassie was on a sensitive stomach food which help with her stomach issues but not as well as Flint River Ranch. I am hooked on the quality and have since joined the company as a distributor. I want to help get the word out and help other pet owners find a food they will be proud to feed their pets. It took me 8 years to find a dog food that live up to my expectations. Please share this with ther pet owners. Thank!