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Custom handcrafted designer collars that are made in the USA

Frequently Asked Questions

What collar size does my dog need? Our collars are measured by your dog’s neck size not by the collar size. Measure your dog’s neck by putting a fabric measuring tape around your dog’s neck fitting with no slack or not too tight.

Neck Size by fabric tape measure.

What if I measure by the collar he is currently wearing? You can do this to get is neck size but you must measure from where the material folds over the buckle to the current hole that fits into the buckle when collar is on the dog.  Making sure to lay the collar on a flat surface when measuring. See below picture to get exact measurement:

How to measure neck size by current collar.

How to measure neck size by current collar.

What if I don’t have a fabric tape or current collar? You can use a piece of string, yarn and put it around your dog’s neck, cut and then measure the length with a ruler or metal tape measure.

Can I use a metal tape measure? Do not use a metal tape measure around dog’s neck. It will not lay flat to get a current measurement.

What if my dog is between sizes? Please leave instructions on exact size in notes during checkout process and will make your dogs the collar to that exact size.

How many sizes holes are in the collar and where will my dog’s size hole be? We make 3  holes standard on our collars. The center hole is your dog’s exact size that you measure.  If you want additional holes then add how many in the comments section upon checkout.

What if I want more holes for growing or weight gain? Just leave instructions in the notes section during checkout specifying how many holes you would like.

My dog has outgrown collar, can I get more holes added? Yes, simply send us the collar and specify his new size.  Email us at woof@poochiesmoochies.com for details. Only a shipping charge will be required. We add the holes free.

My dog likes a loose fitting collar?  When measuring your dog’s neck slide two fingers flat beside each other under the item you’re measuring with against dog’s neck.

How long will it take to get my dog’s collar? We custom make each collar and usually ship 2-3 days after your order has been placed. 

Do you ship outside the USA? Yes, we do

Do you take credit cards? Yes, we accept VISA, MASTERCARD, AMERICAN EXPRESS AND PAYPAL. If you would like to use PAYPAL send us an email and we will let you know the steps.  We do not store any credit card information and all credit card transactions are processed on a secured data page.

My collar does not fit, can I return it? Our collars are not stocked and custom made when you place your order. We will offer an exchange for a different size collar. If the collar is defective we will replace it at no charge. We stand behind our products 100%. If your collar should break then contact us and we will give you instructions on returning it to us to be fixed or replaced.

How can I add additional information about the dog collar I am buying? We have a notes selection that you can enter details in during checkout. You can also email us at woof@poochiesmoochies.com

How do I need to care for my collar? We do offer waterproofing and leather condition items in our store. You can also find these high quality products at local tack shops, shoe store or animal farm supplies stores. When you receive your collar from us it has been conditioned and waterproofed. Depending on how much your dog is outside, in water, snow will determine how often you would need to clean, waterproof and condition it.

When I apply the waterproofing what parts of the collar do I apply it too? We apply waterproofing to all the entire piece of leather. The front, back and even the holes. You want 100% of the leather conditioned and waterproofed. This will provide a long lasting product. Excellent quality of leather + care= lifetime enjoyment.
I have an ideal for what I would like my dog’s collar to look like? We love artists and will be more than happy to custom make your art ideals into a collar. Send us email at woof@poochiesmoochies.com and we will see what we can do for you.


You did not find an answer to your question? email us and we will happily answer your question woof@poochiesmoochies.com