Custom Collar Layouts For Dixie

Keep in mind that the crystals along with the studs have been roughly placed on hot-stuffed Brown leather without crystals in ring sets. The final collar design will be evenly spaced with crystals in ring sets matching finish. The design will go around collar. I can do more layouts with different crystal colors or design, just let me know. The leather used on these layouts is not the pieces that will be used. The leather in pictures is unfinished leather. New pieces just like them that are finished and conditioned. I can make the leather as dark of brown as you like. The leather width is 1 inch on top of 1.25 inch. The leather will be skived (thinned evenly) to make it more comfortable for Dixie's neck size. Also, the bottom layer ends can be tapered down to accommodate a 3/4" buckle or I have a 1 inch thin less bulky buckle is you prefer for Dixie.

I was trying to capture different angles of lighting for the volcano crystals since they reflect different colors. The large volcano Swarovski's reflect more purple, blues and slight maroon colors while the med. ones reflect more maroon, purples and slight blue. Since these are special effects crystal hues may vary from lot to lot.  All the one I have in stock come from the same lot of that size.