Lavender PU522 & Mint Green GN529 Beta Biothane Information

I am working with Biothane to get these two discontinued colors, Mint Green (GN529) and Lavender (PU522) in Beta Biothane Super Heavy and Standard.

I am gathering a list of requested widths and sizes. Once I have enough interested then I will take Pre-Orders. I will then place the order with Biothane. Scott at Biothane told me once they receive the order it will take 6-10 weeks to make and then ship. I need to get interest of 600 rolls of 100 ft in each color. Estimates prices include shipping. 

Please let me know what you would be interested in buying. I need to know Standard or Super Heavy Beta Biothane, Widths,how many feet of each color. Questions email   Thanks! Amy


Width Standard Super Heavy
1/2 inch $40 $45
5/8 inch $50  $52
3/4 inch $60 $62
1 inch $78 $80
1-1/4 inch $98 $101
1-1/2 inch N.A $116