Layouts for Lucy's Collar

Keep in mind these layouts are not placed on the leather I use. This leather is unfinished piece I use for layouts. The crystals will be perfectly placed in ring sets on the leather. They have been roughly placed on the leather for layouts. Th pattern will repeat as far as each end allows. These designs will have to be done on 3/4" wide leather. There is only a slight different in 5/8" and 3/4" but 3/4" would be a good fit for Lucy. I do have a smaller slimmer 3/4" buckle to use for comfort on Lucy's neck.


Layouts: M,O,P or R cost $59.99

Layouts: E,F,G,H,K, L or S cost $69.99

Layouts: A,B,C,D,I or J cost $79.99