BioThane® Dog Collar, White With Blue Zircon Shimmer Swarovski® Crystals

BioThane® Dog Collar, White With Blue Zircon Shimmer Swarovski® Crystals

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White BioThane® 1-inch-wide crystal collar with Blue Zircon Shimmer Swarovski® Crystals 

This waterproof dog collar is made from heavy duty Beta BioThane® with a matte leather embossed finish. Metal choices are solid brass or nickel over solid brass. AB Special Effects 2088 lead-free brilliant cut Swarovski® Blue Zircon Shimmer and 3/16" spots are placed to create a beautiful design. Each crystal and stud is handset.  

Sizes range from 10”-25” with 7 adjustment holes spaced ½” apart. Collars are sized according to your dog’s actual neck size. 

Completely waterproof will not absorb bacteria or odors and easily cleaned with soap and hot water. Use a small soft brush and warm water to clean crystals.

Antibacterial · Hypoallergenic · Maintenance free · Waterproof · Non-stretch

This heavy-duty Beta BioThane® is equivalent to the thickness of a 4 mm leather dog collar.

This collar is designed for dogs 20 lbs. and heavier. With a minimum pull strength of 1000 lbs. per inch.  Comfy, secure, durable and waterproof. A thinner buckle can be requested for smaller neck sizes, just email is after you place your order. Perfect for a small to the large dog size dog.

Heavy Duty Beta BioThane® is polymer coating over heavy duty webbing with leather embossed look, the closest thing to leather in the equine market making it an excellent long-lasting choice for dog collars. BioThane® will not crack, stretch, mold or rot. It is Antimicrobial and will not absorb odors. Resulting in a stink free lasting collar.  Excellent leather alternative with a break strength 1000 lbs.

Handmade in the Auburn, Alabama by Poochie Smoochies. 

Collar sizing information  or our FAQ page


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